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Rajasthan is a state of Royalty, luxury, comfort and radiates nothing but a feeling of touring and staying among the comforts and services that are unique to its own and incomparable to any other. As much as the travels in Rajasthan immerse you in it, the stay in it also enchants you with its amenities and comforts offered. With that being said, here are some of the best offbeat stays in Rajasthan.

  1.  Trees and Tigers Wildlife Resort

This is one of the stays that is apt to say that it is luxury among nature. Without any kind of compromise in the amenities that are offered and as well as its presence that is away from the hustle and bustle of the city area, this stay lets you bask in luxury with its pool and multicuisine restaurant among the view of the surrounding landscape paints a beautiful picture of the best offbeat stay in Rajasthan.

  1. 1st Gate Home Fusion Hotel

Set in the golden royal backdrop of Jaisalmer, this luxurious offbeat stay aims at an inclination towards business clients looking for a comfortable and service rich offbeat stay. With  a vegetarian restaurant, pizzeria, bar-lounge, non-smoking rooms and much more, this place makes the perfect offbeat stay for a workcation.

  1. Neemrana Fort Palace

The perfect luxury hotel for anyone who wishes to experience a royal experience of a stay. A 553 year old Medieval Fort Palace that rests on the Aravalli’s which displays state of the art infrastructure allows you the comfort of amenities like hanging gardens, two pools to swim out to the horizon, an Ayurvedic spa – all set to rejuvenate and let you spend time in nothing less than the highest level of relaxation.

  1.  Desert Springs Resort

A luxury desert camp set amidst the proximity of Sam sand dunes near Kanoi village, this offbeat stay offers you nothing less than a magical experience of witness the breath-taking Rajasthani folk art, music and dance alongside a camel ride to witness the sunset over the dunes and a comfortable and picturesque yet soothing rest under the starlit sky alongside the tastiest Rajasthani cuisine.

  1. Jaisam and Island Resort

While Rajasthan does not sound much of an island stay, this resort remains to be The only resort in the North West Region of the country to be built on a Private Island of 40 acres. Extremely ample for the purposes of business and leisure, the deluxe rooms and suites are perfectly fitted with exotic furniture’s and the views outside that are equally classy make for one of the best offbeat luxuries to stay in.

  1. The Tree House Resort

This offbeat stays in Rajasthan is probably the closest to nature you would find. Perched on Trees as Treehouses and Resting on water in the form of Water Cottages, this resort promises an offbeat amalgamation of comfort among raw nature. With amenities like the swimming pool, Peacock Bar, and sports spaces like tennis , badminton, billiards and archery and not to mention the multi cuisine restaurant, this one is for the ones looking for a natural offbeat experience. 

  1. Ranvas Gaur

This offbeat luxury is the meticulously carved construction that hails from the 18th century and located inside the magnificent Ahhichatragarh Fortand is a heritage property that is the purest form of Royal stay equipped with visually pleasing fresco paintings and perfectly constructed geometric gardens and comprises of a  private terrace, swimming pool and restaurant- Everything that lets you seek the endeavour of the Royalty

  1. Rohet Garh

A luxury offbeat retreat that does not forsake in its Heritage appeal, Rohet Garh is one of a kind stay – Residing on a close proximity to the Thar, this 375 year old offbeat luxury boasts of lush green grassy courtyards,serene verandas, and terraces with breath-taking views with poolside dinner alongside live music and the rajasthani cuisine makes up for a magical experience. The rooms feature furniture and traditional artefacts are of the highest quality and the decorations are top notch.

  1. Pushkar Resorts

A hidden gem of an offbeat stay in the seclusion of Pushkar, this resort is a cluster of radically different stays that comprises 40 cottages which include 10 Superior Rooms, 9 Deluxe Rooms and 21 Standard Rooms to which the all day restaurant and bar are a perfect blend of comfort. The spa offers a soothing service. The swimming pool and a play space area offers volleyball, badminton, pool, table tennis to cheer up your stay.

  1. Manvar Resort and Desert Camp

Simple yet luxurious, this offbeat resort aims at capturing the traditional vibe of Rajasthan in its stay. Comprising three divisions like the Resort, Desert camp. Luxury camp and Private camp, this makes it an ample offbeat spot for a couple as well as a group.With traditional Rajasthani cuisine and surrounded by the splendid sand dunes  and lit up under the starlit sky, a stay in these is infact a memorable one.

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