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Perched among the gallant snow lands of the Himalayas, Himachal is an endeavor waiting to be explored in an exquisite manner of adventure, calmness and also a pleasing exploration through interesting offbeat trails. While you are at it, stays can be equally beautiful as are the natural wonders and the surroundings. And here we present you some of the best offbeat stays in Himachal Pradesh-

  1. HP 101

A blend of perfectly arranged comfort and hospitality among the abode of the mighty Himalayas, this offbeat stay offers  rich luxurious suites equipped with balconies that are scenic and yet private with amenities like wifi, Minibar and also a garden space. Along with amenities, you get a chance to explore  a state-of-the-art pottery studio a wellness centre for rejuvenation through healing and also Bike tours that come customized according to your taste.

  1. HP 102

Perched in the beautiful village of Banjar that induces soothing lush greenery at an astounding altitude of 6200feet and you feel just as light and free as a bird among nature. The rooms are equally scenic with views of Deodars swaying in the wind and the wood decors with a library for the calm one in you and room heaters to get cozy and also some board games to keep you cheerful while the activities outside include a visit to the the Durga Mata mandir and a visit by the Tirthan river.

  1. HP 103

A fresh and an energetic combination of simplicity and luxury is what this offbeat stay offers. Divided into types of Suites, you are offered comforts that include some of the best wood works in an offbeat stay- With state of the art heritage furniture and a perfectly furnished wooden flooring with the views of the valley  and also a wide range of cottages to choose from,. Breakfast is prepared according to the taste of the Stayer, this offbeat stay in Himachal is worth a shot.

  1. HP 104

A perfectly constructed sustainable offbeat stay in Himachal for the finest nature experience, this offbeat stay offers a rustic vibe. With amenities such as all-weather air conditioners, king size beds, hot & cold water with eco-friendly ceramic toiletries, hair dryers and electric bed warmers during the winter this place has a unique facility of placing books and possessing a library instead of equipping a TV thereby encouraging the Stayers to read and connect with nature more than technology.

  1. HP 105

Designed carefully and elegantly, this offbeat stay in Himachal serves well for a solo offbeat traveller as well a couple seeking adventure on the offbeat trail. Equipped with classy amenities like the multicuisine restaurant, sports screening , board games for the inside and Horse/Yak Riding and Outdoor sitting area are some of the highlights and this spot provides for Corporate Conference provision too for the perfect workcation.

  1. HP 106

Experience what it is like to be clasped among a 360 degree view of snows and valleys and lush greenery. With an eternally natural spot of a stay,  experience a stay in Geodesic Domes Glamping tents which are perched at a height of over 2600 mt, with a splendid view of Dhauladhar ranges and Manali valley. Whether a dome or a home- experience nature from anywhere along with traditional Himachali interiors and accompany books and board games indoors while you indulge in hiking, zip lining and trekking and also a good chance of snowboarding might be around the corner.

  1. HP 107 

Perched at an altitude that is as high as 7054 ft, this offbeat stay welcomes you to an  offbeat stay experience that blends comfort, nature and delicacies in the most soothing manner. Tailored to suit the choices of Luxury, Honeymoon and also a Tent, this one allows you to experience a classy hospitality that includes multi cuisine food and beverages, Jacuzzi, a pool , DJ and a few games too.

  1. HP 108 

Set in the tranquil atmosphere of Manali, this offbeat stay promises you comfort away from all the hustle and bustle of the tourist flocks. With pleasant surroundings and amenities like bonfire and room heater to cozy you up and the delicious food alongside a beauty spa, this stay is worth a try. Offering activities like  Paragliding, camping and Rafting are some of the services that come with this offbeat stay in Himachal.

  1. HP 109 

Engulfed among the humble abode of nature in the hills of Shimla, this offbeat stay lets you go on a ride of a digital detox. Without much technology like the TV or AC, surround yourself with dense and lush greenery equipped with amenities like  Double decked multicuisine restaurant, open air cafe,  bonfires and barbecues and lots of open areas and board games as well as outdoor activities that include Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Valley Crossing, Obstacle Rope Course and Forest Treks.  The stay is truly offbeat , adventurous and truly among nature.

  1. HP 110

Set in the serene environment of the town of Jibhi, this offbeat stay focuses on making the smallest of things beautiful and weaves an experience that is remembered for long. From Maggie’s to parathas and a chai from the outdoors, the stay surely is scenic. The stay that is furnished entirely of wood and a master bedroom accompanying it makes sure of no lack of comfort. With diversity of stays for a solo traveller, backpacker and a group, this stay is suited for all travelers and Stayers.

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