Niche Tourism – 6 Types That You’ll Be Interested In

Written by Manvi Sarang

The travel and tourism industry has greatly evolved because of the many changes through time. With many niche tourism options, this industry is the most diversified and specialized industry with customization and specialization in many aspects. 

Decades ago, tourism was only a generic term for tours and travelling. Plenty of factors have played an important role in the evolution and development of the industry as a whole

This change also gave rise to several types of tourism that cater to the different wants and needs of each traveller. adventure tourism, Beach Tourism, ethnic tourism, health tourism, cultural tourism and many more are good examples.

Living in today’s world, you have the opportunity to try out different kinds of tourism that the world has to offer. Here is a list of 6 types that will surely interest you.

1. Ancestral Tourism

Ancestral Tourism, also known as DNA Tourism is an experimental experience.  If you’ve ever been curious about your cultural heritage, this niche tourism type is perfect to satisfy your curiosity. 

One great adventure to take up would be tracing the footsteps of your ancestors and understanding history at the same time. To put it simply, Ancestral Tourism gives travellers a chance to discover their own heritage.

Due to affordable DNA testing measures today, you can process your information for a tailor-made trip based on your genetic history. This type of tourism is new and quite interesting. 

2. Gambling Tourism

Gambling is a form of entertainment with millions of players and enthusiasts around the globe. There are countries where gambling is legal and some, where it is strictly restricted.

Gambling Tourism refers to a player travelling to different locations where gambling is legal specifically to gamble. This type of tourism also shines a light on the hospitality industry that covers it. 

Gambling tourism not only appeals to the players or visitors who travel to gamble but the locations too. These gambling locations enjoy a load of benefits from gambling tourism.

3. Battlefield Tourism 

The courage displayed by Indian soldiers on battlefields around the world is legendary. Indians have fought with honour and glory in numerous wars and conflicts since Independence.

Until now, the tales of these wars and the brave men who fought in them have been the private domain of military experts and historians. However, a change is coming.

This niche tourism type highlights the immense Indian military contribution. The USI is helping to promote the niche concept of ‘Battlefield Tourism’ to popularise historical sites where Indian soldiers have fought and died.

4. Caravan Tourism 

The pandemic has surely halted our road trip dreams for now. Even the frequent travellers are caught up in the fear of catching the virus. Buses, trains and aeroplanes have never seemed so unsafe.

That’s where a caravan comes to the rescue. A caravan is basically a camper van with a place to sleep for the ones on a trip. It is perfect for road trippers as the van can be equipped with all the essentials. 

Caravan Tourism is an age-old trend that has been going on for years on a global scale. As social distancing has become a norm, Caravan Tourism in India is bound to blow up. 

5. Forest Therapy Tourism

Nature is truly therapeutic. Most of us solely love to spend our time in nature and visit forests, mountains, water bodies etc, where we can actually feel the freshness and tranquillity of nature.

A type of niche tourism is coming up with beneficial aspects related to the mind, soul and body – Forest Therapy Tourism. It’s good for your health and gives you an opportunity to escape the hectic and polluted city life. 

A positive mindset, thoughts and attitude are all we are looking forward to this year. Forest Therapy is the key to all those aspirations. The sights of nature do you wonders when you let it.

6. Space Tourism

Space tourism is human space travel for recreational purposes. There are several different types of space tourism, including orbital, suborbital and lunar space tourism.

If you have a good amount to spend, space tourism is the perfect niche segment to indulge in. As tourists, you will have the ability to become astronauts and experience space travel. 

Space tourism has gained more prominence as more suborbital and orbital tourism opportunities have become available. This is also a good way to keep up with technology’s constant evolution.

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