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Dominating the hilly slopes of the seven sisters, Assam makes its own lore of a perfect offbeat destination with so much to offer the offbeat traveller in you! Although this state is known for its humongous tea estates that are a spectacle on their own, The festivities, the culture, the scenic plethora and the well preserved and protected flora and fauna make for a perfect spot to visit and indulge in the heaven of the most undisturbed layers of natural beauty for the best offbeat activities to do in Assam.

  1. A ferry ride

The very first and the best offbeat activities to do in Assam is taking a ferry ride to hop on to some of the most peaceful Islands of India -Being a humble home to the  world’s largest river floating island Majuli. Assam also flatters the ecosystem explorers by being home to the world’s smallest river floating island too! Umananda or the Peacock Island is the world’s smallest inhabited island right in the middle of the Brahmaputra river in Guwahati.

  1. Dark tourism and Birdwatching

While you don’t really expect something dark or evil in the pleasantries of Assam, Named as the Halflong by the Britishers, this offbeat hill station is avowed for its breathtaking  landscapes and the village of Jatinga which is known for mysterious bird suicides on the night of new moon- MIght interest you in a bit of the offbeat dark tourism vibe for a bit for sure! Ironically this place is  famous for birdwatching and cooling down in these offbeat rural trails to take a chill pill. This surely will give you the vibe under best offbeat activities to do in Assam.

  1.  Barbeque

While the Bengali cuisine is a platter of fingerlicking dishes, the streets of Guwahati have an extensive take on street side food. Visit the Khorika and set your taste buds on fire with the radiant choice of provincial dishes of barbecued meat-The grilled small fish and the fried pigeon meat make for a good taste in this region.

  1. Stargazing 

Usually you go to an isolated place to stargaze but try your hands and eyes on the epic stargazing activity in the Guwahati Planetarium. Experience a cosmic retreat by observing our moon and the sun and even other planets and their movements that are one of a kind to view. If you’re a hustling city guy then this is something worth for the best offbeat activities to do in Assam.

  1. Cruising 

Set sail on one of the most beautiful cruise journeys of the country on the Brahmaputra River. Lose yourself in the astonishingly calm yet breathtaking views of the Brahmaputra while you enjoy local hindi music and enjoy the soothing sun rays shining on the water while you sip a drink or two.

  1. Local Shopping 

You surely could call it the Chandni chowk of Guwahati. With a million tiny shops that are sure to make you lose in a platter of choices on what to buy, the hustle and bustle of the shopkeepers and the aroma of the streetside food, it just is another feel to explore this teeny tiny spot. Some of the best things you could purchase as a souvenir are the Jappi-cap and Gamcha shawl.

  1. Wildlife

While  Kaziranga is the name that reminds us of wildlife in Assam, there’s another unexplored gem of a natural habitat that’s equally magnificent.Home to the densest population of One-horned Rhinos in the world, the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary  is a verdant and a calm offbeat experience into the wild habitats and not only the rhinos- Get to set your eyes and lens upon an astounding diversity of bird species too.

  1. Picturesque display of nature

While there’s just photography you could do in the peaceful heaven of a place, Dipor Bil is a freshwater lake that hosts a vast variety of exotic bird species and the view of the wetland and the rich lush green forest ecosystem enthralls you to a wave of peace and calmness around due to its offbeat and highly undisturbed presence.

  1. Mountain adventures

Bring out the adventure junkie in you to hike , angle, raft , boat and fish your time here in the secret town of Lilabari. Situated on the left bank of the Brahmaputra, this place allows you to stay still and just take inside you the breathtakingly mesmerising views of the calmly resting Dirang valley and Sela pass and makes for a perfect offbeat nature trail.

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