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Considering the splendors of natural and physical feature distribution on the indian Subcontinent, South India surely makes for a serene hub of natural tranquility to submerge oneself in and hence makes an ample offbeat spot for anyone looking for a deeper connection with nature! With that being said,the coastal and the southernmost states of India surely have a special paint of offbeat vibe. So here we offer you the best of the best offbeat destinations in Tamil Nadu-

  1.  Dhanushkodi 

An abandoned gem on the southernmost tip of the Pamban island is a cultural significance- It is said that this is where Lord Rama’s army built a bridge to reach Ravana’s Sri Lanka.  The “lost land” of Tamil Nadu, is the perfect place for that. This serene island-like patch of land which connects India and Sri Lanka provides the most picturesque view that is sure to take someone’s breath away. This almost barren stretch of land can take you to a state of calm that will help you get rid of all the stress and hustle bustle of city life.With the Pamban Islands, the ram setu and a lot of panoramic scenes, this place- THE LAST ROAD OF INDIA is sure to make your trip a memorable one! 

  1. Vattakanal

Perched on the high hills of South India, this tiny and an unexplored hamlet is a tranquil hill station cupped calmly in the hands of cliffs and dense lush green forests.Hanging over the Palani hills , it almost seems like Vattakanal is where clouds descend upon!  Completely void of pollution and hurrying tourists, with a weather so heavenly pleasant and undisturbed , this hill station surely makes a stand of exploration potential in the offbeat list in the states of south India. 

  1. Pollachi

A paradise that is underrated amongst drifters, this teeny tiny spot is an year round exploratory spot due to its natural beauty and Due to its proximity to the Western Ghats, Pollachi has a pleasant climate throughout the year. It is one of the very few places in India to enjoy both North-East and South-West Monsoon seasons significantly. Temperature may never exceed 35 degree Celsius even during summer.

  1. Tharangambadi

The name literally means “Place of the singing waves” and it should surely be on your bucket list of an offbeat trip. Radiating an emergent historical past of A Danish Colony from 1620 to 1845, the Fort Dansborg still stands tall as an evidence of the Danish colonial history of this town. A beach side that makes a good spot for photography and a ride along the beach with a tint of exploration is a good one to not miss out!

  1. Kolli Hills

A serene mountain range nestled in the central region of the state on the Eastern Ghats  with a whooping altitude of 1000-1300 metres is one of the coolest (literally and metaphorically) Offbeat space you could get your steps on! With a favourable climate all round the year, and 16 quaint tribal villages and an abundance of exotic fruits available, there is no perfect spot of exploration, culturally and naturally and hence makes its name for one of the best charming places to probe into !

  1. Kazhugumalai

Exclusively  in the list for all the historical buffs out there, this extremely exquisite place caved in perfection is an epitome of Jain rock carvings and sculpting marvels. This humble yet daring construction standing the test of time since the 8th century , the monolithic marvel in the form of a temple bestows upon a brilliance of engineering with an astonishing display of carving out of a single piece of rock! Truly a sight to behold !!

  1. Sirumalai

Nature at its thickest – yes a rich lush green and a thick canopy of forest area with a pleasant weather year round makes this an extremely unavoidable and appalling offbeat destination one could ask for ! With the destination scaling set among 18 narrow curvy roads,the journey too is surely going to seem adventurous and the final destination spot set at an altitude of 1600 meters is a heavenly birds eye view!

  1. Kotagiri

Of all the elevated spots this probably might be one of the highest scenic ones.Perched at an astonishing height of 5882 feet in the air,the place surely does a justification to its name- – Mountains of the Kotas. With a leisurely stroll in the tree plantations to trekking trails in the meadows and lush greenery, the air surely hits a different kind of fresh!  Greenery and plantations are abundant and it surely is an ample spot for anyone that wishes a calm getaway.

  1. Javadi hills

The Javadi are clothed in verdure to the very summit on the east: towards sunset the whole range puts on a purple tinge like heather bloom. The sharper shadows mark out minor ranges and valleys, which in the midday merge in the mass of the range, and beyond Bommikuppam, looking from Tirupatur, a silvery cascade may be seen, shining bright in the setting sun.The hills are separated into two halves, one by River Cheyyar, and the other by River Agaram and Javadi hills are considered as one of the unexplored places to visit in Tamil Nadu by road.

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