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Offbeat Meghalaya
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One of the seven sisters and one of the most offbeat destination that exist in the subcontinent surely make their way into this rainy natural spot! Being the place that receives the highest amount of rainfall that gives you some of the wildest adventures to take on the offbeat trails along with a gift of lush greenery and also a home to some of the rarest indigenous tribes of the subcontinent that inhabit this land of culture of North East India! Meghalaya tagged as Halfway to Heaven is perhaps the most apt description that can be given to this offbeat  destination fostering state. With that being said here are some of the best offbeat destination in Meghalaya.

  1. Umden

Known as the village of silk weavers, this spot is hidden among the lush greenery of a valley! Inhabited by the Bhoi tribe, you could feast your eyes on the silk getting harvested to make its way to become a beautiful handicraft!  Getting to know the tribe and culture is one of the most sustainable forms of tourism and thus helps nature and thereby makes its way into one of the best offbeat destination in the state.

  1. Mawlyngot

An idyllic hamlet among the Eastern Khasi hills makes its way in one of the best offbeat trails to trek in this state. The famous Urlong tea that is cultivated here is a delicious treat for your soul while the miles of lush green tea gardens will soothe you from within. Not only is the village ancient- but also offers you some of the most mind boggling views of the Umsong River that leaves you to gasp in awe ! 

  1. Kongthong

What makes this village truly offbeat destination in Meghalaya is the ongoing custom of whistling. Known as the whistling village, this place is one that is curiously evoking and surprising. In Kongthong, every time a baby is born, the mother composes a lullaby that becomes a unique identity of the child for life. Moreover, the lullaby has no words and is just a tune, a kind of hum that only the villagers are able to recognize and remember.

  1. Mawphlang

This offbeat destination of surprise is a spot of raw culture of Meghalaya! Surrounded by beautiful hills and deep valleys, this one is far from anything urban! Forests and trees enclosing on you to give you the closest experience to nature. What fall on this mysterious offbeat destination are forest trails leading you to some of the best forest canopies, monoliths out of time and a heritage village! This is probably the “Maximum Offbeat” you could get out of this state.

  1. Shnongpdeng

This offbeat destination is probably the most picturesque in Meghalaya you could ever spot with your naked eye! Cupped in the hills of the Jaintia is where the tranquil and pure Umngot River brims. This is where the boats fly (not literally though). The water is so crystal clear that the sailing feels like atop a clear sky that floats!  Give your lens the glorious opportunity to click some picture-perfectly still, calm yet amazingly peaceful photos of the serene waters of the Umngot and the boats! With many more waterfalls and valleys, this one is the cleanest offbeat adventure you could set your boots on! 

  1. Weinia Waterfalls

Although the name sounds foreign, this purely Indian mesmerize is one of the most immensely surprising experiences that the waterfall forges on anyone who takes a glance at it. If you’re lucky enough to set foot to this beauty in the rainy months, you would be able to feast your eyes on  the  heavy waterfalls that births vapour that rises from the bottom of the falls, making the entire scene worth it. If you’re in for a sunny offbeat retreat, expect a stunning view of a rainbow from the sunlight to hover over the waterfalls! 

  1. Nongkhnum

As weird as the place might sound, it is also a matter of flattery that this offbeat river island  is the largest river island in Meghalaya and the second largest river island in continent Asia. This place is so offbeat that there’s nothing but lush greenery in and around and outside it! With a very quiet and serene environment, every breath you take here is going to hit differently! Trail your offbeat way towards the waterfall exploration and just gaze in awe at the flow of nature in this offbeat abyss! 

  1. Mawphanlur Village

This is the side of the Exotic offbeat Meghalaya that one gets to explore!  With undulating hills, magnificent forests, gorgeous valleys and small villages perched in between, this is a spot that really is kept hidden from the external world and also famous as the land of seven lakes. Although this place doesn’t have a certain place to go to, this place is one of those offbeat classifications where the journey is better than the destination and hence the whole journey to and in the village serves as a feast to your eyes with the immense calmness and natural spectre! 

  1. Mawryngkneng Village

For all the offbeat adventure buffs out there- this place is just carved out for you! Mawryngkhang trek – A trek to the legendary King of Stones in Wahkhen village of Meghalaya is something to go on your offbeat bucket list for a pump in the adrenaline! The Mawryngkhang trek involves walking on bamboo bridges over broomstick farms and deep gorges. Achieve a heave of thrill and witness the state from an altogether different view that is sure to be a once in a lifetime offbeat experience for sure! 

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