Slowcation – An Adventure To Indulge In This Summer

Written by Manvi Sarang

If you frequently indulge in travels and look forward to destination visits, you must have experienced the speeding, storming and tiresome details of getting everywhere early and finishing your exploration before the time is up. A Slowcation is the word you’re looking for.

You get on the aeroplane for a dream vacation to escape from the tiresome humdrum of life but end up doing some more tedious work. Your vacations and stays should be slow, peaceful and refreshing.

Slowcations – a term for a vacation where you take in your activities one at a time. One task for one day. One beach. One museum. One play. This allows you to truly indulge in something that you’ve been looking forward to.

A Slowcation is a travel niche that focuses more on building a connection with the destination – the local people, culinary delights, rich culture, folk music and much more. An exquisite indulgence. 

You can take a long train ride, actually sit down for hours listening to the tales painted by history in a museum or the spooky stories left behind in haunted houses without worrying about running out of time.

With all the rushing before and during your long-awaited vacation, you forget the most important parts like remembering your feelings, delving into the tiny details and reflecting on your complete experience. 

Most importantly, you forget to feel absolutely free. You also tend to compromise on some lovely locations and fun activities in the process. That’s why you need to diversify your travel planning and give Slowcations a chance.

Why choose a Slowcation?

If you want to spend 2 entire hours at a restaurant savouring the delicious delicacies, go for it. Want to paint the picturesque views of your location while drinking luxurious wine? Have at it. All of this is possible on a Slowcation.

Besides posting plenty and diverse Instagram stories of your busy vacation, you can end up feeling exhausted and unfulfilled. You deserve to savour and relish your moment of serenity and adventure before your next experience.

Planning your vacation can be a chore in itself where you spend hours planning your itinerary and checklist. You can skip the pressure of going by the book and do exactly what you want. 

We are stuck in a constant cycle of a hectic work schedule with deadlines always closing in. Shouldn’t your vacation include sacred time for yourself? A Slowcation will allow you to stop, breathe and enjoy your trip perfectly.

Slowcations are not merely a way of travel, but a perspective. It reflects the thought that the quality of your experience is much more significant than the quantity. You should definitely give it a try!

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