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Karnataka is a state that is inclined towards both nature and citylife alike. With mesmerizing beauties of lush greenery and foggy misty views and windy cliffs to the bustling nightlife and luxury of comfortable amenities, a stay in these offbeat stays of Karnataka is surely going to add to the experience of visiting this exciting state and here are some of the best offbeat stay in Karnataka-

  1. KT 101

An offbeat stay that lets you unwind among the calm sunshine fuelled freshness of nature of the hill station of Chikmagalur. Surrounded by a coffee plantation and being away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is a truly offbeat stay. Equipped with facilities like Malnad cuisine, games , books and campfire, this place makes for the perfect offbeat stay in Karnataka.

  1.  KT 102

Set in the backdrop of Mullayanagiri hills, this offbeat stay comes with a presence of lush green coffee plantation that has been a line of work since 60 years. With enough space and double bed with furnished bathrooms and a hoard of activities like coffee tours, bonfire, golf club and many more, this place is a calm and quiet offbeat stay in Karnataka.

  1. KT 103

This offbeat stay in Karnataka is set in the region of the extremely scenic North Coorg, untouched lands that sprawl with lush greenery and  with a view of the lush green coffee estates and a peaceful environment to relax in and one that offers you privacy , comfort and a scenic vibe altogether. Equipped with scenic rooms, swimming pool, fitness centre, beach volleyball, games room, library, wifi and much else add to the quality of hospitality.

  1. KT 104

An entire home that is perched on the high hills of Chikmagalur, this offbeat homestay aims at delivering a connection that is away from the noise of the cities and closer to your family and friends tucked away in comfort. Offering exceptional amenities that are clean and sleek, expect continental breakfast ,rooms featuring the scenic view that comes with a seating desk and also a seating space outside. This offbeat stay in Karnataka, also offers some activities like hiking and fishing too.

  1. KT 106

With an ever inviting audience- Friends, family or a honeymoon couple, this offbeat stay is perfectly equipped to provide the utmost hubble, comforting and a relaxing hospitality to the Stayers. The infinity pool, kids play area, basketball court, cricket field and indoor games like table tennis and carrom are designed to embrace the serenity and tranquility of the estate.

  1. KT 107

Overlooking the colourful shades of nature and set among the Mullayanagiri Mountains, this pleasant offbeat stay offers you an offbeat stay that is close to nature, affordable and it surely suits any traveller like solo and a family too. With facilities like a barbecue spot and bonfire on request and also a spa , these make the stay more and more comfortable and appealing.

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