DNA Travel – Capture The Essence Of Ancestral Destinations

Written by Manvi Sarang

As travel buffs, we are constantly looking for new and out-of-the-box travel experiences. On the bright side, the travel industry is constantly growing and enlightening us with what the world has to offer, even as we speak. For example, DNA Travel.  

A very experimental experience lies in DNA Travel, also known as Ancestral Tourism. Curiosity is a quality that we decidedly embrace. The urge to satiate the hunger for travel unquestionably feeds curiosity. 

The pandemic may have brought us virtually closer than ever, but how much do you certainly know about your identity? If you’ve ever been curious about your cultural heritage, this is where DNA Travel comes into the picture.

Tracing the footsteps of your ancestors is a great adventure to embark upon, especially if you are a history lover. You get to explore a different form of tourism as well as understand the painted pages of history.

Sure, some of us have been born in families that take family trees quite seriously. Family Trees are a very ancient concept, but they are also expensive and inaccurate. That’s surely not enough to carve a journey of ancestry.

A large number of travellers, especially millennials, are developing a budding interest in their homelands and targeting this new travel trend. Due to the increasing popularity, people pursue this travel trend more than ever! 

What exactly is DNA Travel?

To answer simply, DNA Tourism is a niche tourism type that gives travellers a chance to discover their own heritage. It is also a great opportunity to learn more about their ancestors.

The basic idea behind this type of tourism is to fill the information gap left about lineage due to families spreading out in the world. Since people tend to constantly relocate for many purposes like work and education, they lose the history.

An ancestral trip is incomplete without the significant first step – A DNA test. DNA testing plays a huge role in the planning of DNA Travels. Interestingly, there are many options available for a traveller to get their DNA tested. 

You can actually order a DNA kit and get testing done through samples or have the tests done right at your home. You are provided with vials and materials for the diagnostic test.

With the help of your saliva sample, you can expect results within a few weeks. Through these results, you get your genealogy in the form of a percentage point. You can discover the continent and even the country of your ancestors.

With all this rich ancestral information, you can finally get down to planning your trip!

Since DNA Tourism is booming as a travel trend, many travel agencies are looking to provide services to travellers that are interested in their roots. Along with connecting people to their roots, DNA Travel has also boosted the economy.

Thanks to affordable DNA testing measures today, you can get your information processed for a tailor-made trip based on your genetic history. DNA tourism will surely leave you with a culture-rich experience.

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