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The land where natural beauty and spirituality go hand in hand! Chunked out from the state of Uttar Pradesh, formerly known as Uttaranchal is not only boasts a scintillating view of the mighty Himalayas but it also emits an aura of culture that speaks of perseverance through times and the tests of nature. Also making it  an important spot of pilgrimage, this beautiful state has the holy originating spot of the Ganga and Yamuna which are two of the most sacred rivers for Hindus. The holiness doesn’t end just here. This state is home to the CHOTA CHAR DHAM- Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath which invites thousands of Hindus to pay homage.

But this land of tradition, culture and wonders does have a couple of offbeat places that are hidden in plain sight for the people who stick their feet deeper into exploration and here are a few of them-

  1. Kausani

A place in the meadows that could give you spectacular views of the snow capped mountains of the Nanda Devi and Panchachuli, this offbeat place in Uttarakhand offers an inspiration for photographers, trekkers, backpackers and also honeymoon couples. The summers are breezy and cool and the winters surely offer you a snowfall of a lifetime that is so picturesque which nothing can beat the charm of! The place is a remarkable spot away from the hustle and bustle of the city perfect for some serenity!

  1. Peora

Nothing more perfect than this offbeat place in Uttarakhand for getting your hands into the depths of nature. This destination lying between Almora and Nainital hangs at a stunningly high altitude of 6600 feet and famous for the dense Kumaon Himalayan forest and blooming orchards of apples and plums making it perfect for a sustainable tour and yet an off beaten one. What’s more is that you get a 360 degree view at the Himalayan ranges and not just a single angle.

  1. Khirsu

This place is literally an incarnation of heavenly peace and tranquility! Circumferenced with the lush green Oak and Deodar canopies and apple orchards, this picture perfect gem is one of the finest places to off beat in the ode of Garhwal Himalayas. Activities like hiking, trekking and nature walk are some of the best ways to let the peace into yourselves!

  1. Munsiyari

A comely hamlet nestled between the snow capped peaks of the Himalayas, Munsiyari gives you a splendid plethora of natural righteousness. Perched at a highly elevated altitude of 2298m , this invites all the altitude trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. Panchachuli is a group of five peaks and is the star attraction of Munsiyari and are the most treasured view among the magnificent peaks of Nandadevi, Nandakot, Rajarambha and Nepal Himalayas.

  1. Binsar

Not only being an offbeat place in Uttarakhand but also makes its name for the spiritual tourism aspect. Cupped in the Jhandi Dhar hills, Binsar is going to be an addiction for nature wanderers, bird and wildlife seekers and all this coupled with the terrific view of Nandadevi, Kedarnath, Shivling and Trishul. This place offers you safaris, jungle treks and bird watching and we are sure it surely is rejuvenating!

  1. Chakrata 

One of the best offbeat places in  Uttarakhand, Chakrata packs in itself a lot of scenic views and serenity. Making you indulge in activities like trekking, rafting, skiing is surely going to bring out the adventurer in you and as an addon there are cave tours for the explorers. The place lying on an altitude of 7000 feet overlooking the Yamuna valley, this beauty cove is a must go !!

  1. Mandal

This place is truly truly an offbeat one due to its unique “DIGITAL DETOX HOLIDAYS”. This destination totally satiated from the hustle and bustle of people and technology has a unique approach towards relaxation and refreshment by not having a connection of a telephone or internet and is surely going to help you look into nature and into yourself more than screens and actually make you experience a peaceful day or two for sure!

  1. Chaukori

 A kaleidoscopic hill station in the palms of the imperial Himalayas, this dreamy village is perched at a height of 2010m and bestowed with nature’s grandeur. The most photogenic moments to witness in this offbeat place of Uttarakhand, are the sunrise and sunset from the peaks of the mountains. With an abundance of flora and fauna like the pine, oaks and rhododendrons, this place is only made beautiful and peaceful by nature and is surely worth a visit! 

  1. Bhimtal

Getting its name from the mighty Bhima , a powerful mythological character from the Mahabharata, this beautiful lake city is a plethora of aesthetic wonder. Calmly sitting on an altitude of 1370m, this lake city has a lake – the bhimtal lake that makes a very good spot for some scenic water views and has a small scenic island at its centre that contains an aquarium and is a place worth visiting all round the year to tuck yourself into peace!

  1. Khati

For anyone who thinks villages are boring, this is one such village which might totally change your view on villages. A place so scenic and beautiful that you’ll gaze at it in awe. Hanging on the hillside of the dense pine forests and the lofty snowy mountains, this place is a nature lovers dream come true with a tint of spirituality too. Roll into some of the ashrams and dip yourself in peace with the yoga and prayers and enjoy peace among the mountains!

  1. Chopta

One can confidently say that this place is one of the bests of offbeat treks! The lush greenery, the freshness in the air and the moderately cool climate and the breezy wind among the verdant forests and sprawling meadows away from the discovery of crowds is sure to take you on a ride of peace! The Chopta Chandrashila and Tungnath trek is something that will sooth your soul and feasts your eyes to a breathtaking beauty of the contrasts of natural wonders!

  1. Mana Village

Clinging to the banks of the Sarasvati river, this scenic offbeat beauty in Uttarakhand is yet another wonder. With the mountains all around and the calmness of the cascades , this place is a hub of pilgrimage tourism too. Being in close proximity to the Badrinath, this place is a halt stop for the pilgrims and the place also makes its name in sacred book in claims that the great epic Mahabharata was penned down here in this holy place by Vedvyasa!

  1. Gwaldam

With gorgeous landscapes running through all directions and as far as the eye can see, this place is a feast for the eyes. This place is a calm and a serene spot filled with tea gardens and the most beautiful part- you’re never more than 3km away from a heavenly view of the Himalayas and also this place bestows upon the opportunity of viewing the virant birds of the himalayan region!

  1. Abbott mount

An astounding spot that lays at an altitude of 7000 feet where the air is the purest and the view as beautiful as heaven that descended on earth!  This beauty offers you the panoramic views of the Mighty Himalayas that lie on the eastern plane of the Kumaon hills which ardently views the massive peaks from the Gangotri cliff to the Dhauladhar range. With camping in the woods and  fishing activities it surely is an enjoyable vacation here.

  1. Nag Tibba

This one place is actually a circular trek for the adventure seeker in you who is ready to juice up on adrenaline and this trek is going to test your pace. If you’re the person who likes to spend their night in peace and lay under the stars surrounded among the greater Himalayas, then pack your camping gear and tread up to this adrenaline filled snowy adventurous and a vicious spot of serenity! 


Uttarakhand is a havelock of places that is filled with mountains, lakes, shrines, temples, waterfalls and lush greenery not enough to explore in just the map of the famous ! This place holds a lot of places inside it only waiting to be visited by the ones who take the off beat track- WIth nature at its finest, this is one such state that is worth the trip!!

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