Offbeat Luxury Hotels Are In This Season

Written by Manvi Sarang

When travelling is an important part of your life, getaways are something you look forward to all the time. Staycations at offbeat luxury hotels this season does not seem like a bad idea at all.

While the pandemic has targeted travel the first, it will probably also be the last to recover. The anxiety and worries caused by these unprecedented times definitely call for a staycation at an offbeat stay.

Your staycation will be perfect with the top-notch service of luxurious stays and the solitude and safety of offbeat destinations. While you take a much-needed soak to relax, you don’t have to worry about being around too many people.

Experts suggest that domestic travel will increase as the lock-down gradually opens up and everybody will seek staycations. Given the circumstances, it is actually a good idea to travel to places closer to home. 

There are plenty of offbeat luxury hotels in India that offer unique staycation experiences. With only the best to offer, staycations will not only boost your personal health but also your productivity at work.

A good trip can only become fantastic if your accommodation is right. To make your dream staycation come true, there is absolutely no need to compromise. Luxury hotels are your best bet this season!

Why choose Offbeat Luxury Hotels?

Offbeat destinations are not only beneficial for safety purposes but also for a break from city life. Even a little time connecting with nature will do you wonders.

An offbeat stay can give you the peaceful getaway you’ve always wanted. Fresh air, lush green forests, picturesque mountains, and so much more depending on where you choose to stay.

Popular destinations are way too conventional and packed. The whole purpose of your staycation is to have a relaxed time with yourself or your close ones. Crowds will only increase the level of discomfort and fear.

That is where luxury hotels come into the picture. Luxury stays offer a complete experience, where you can feel pampered, enjoy superior service, and simply relax. 

When it comes to travel experiences, it’s the little things that matter. Being offered a complimentary welcome drink, having your bags taken to your room, and other little things like that can completely change an experience.

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