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Loktak Lake Manipur
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A fine jewel in the cultural bowl of India, Manipur is translated literally as the town of jewels. Maybe it is upon the explorer to find out if it is! Abundant in its culture, tradition and its ethnicity, Manipur is for the offbeat bug that loves to crawl into the most avidly historical yet natural escapades that the place has to offer. Possessing a fair amount of folklores and the lands of great royalty, this offbeat destination will for sure leave an impending mark on your travels.

  1. Kangla

One of the most historically important spot of the state that is truly an offbeat destination due to its possessions and constructions shall be  a real good start for you to get going. Ranging from the Kangla fort that is a  16th-century sacred palace with a citadel, hall & temple ruins guarded by 2 ‘kangla sha’ creatures to the Kangla palace- the entire place of Kangla radiates an atmosphere of great history carved in it for anyone with the eye to witness the tale!

  1.  Iskcon Temple

Although it probably might seem like any other pilgrimage site, but this is assured offbeat destination due to its presence amidst the fresh and lush greenery around it. To add it up, this construction is a holy  embodiment of perfectly carved Tibetan inspired architecture that is totally unique to the country! With the interior intricately designed with a dome-shaped roof replete with various paintings and images of Lord Krishna, this is a really good offbeat sanctum for the holy traveller!

  1. Santhei Natural Park

Not a national or a preserved one but a truly offbeat natural park exclusively basking in the arms of nature, this park is elucidates of pleasant landscapes , a crystal clear lake and resplendently bright flower beds. Resting afoot the  the foothills of the Nongmaiching range of Manipur, the place offers a beautiful panorama of the surrounding hills that is just the perfect offbeat destination with your family or your loved one and surely for the solo traveller too!

  1. Loktak Lake

With  more than 200 species of aquatic plants, 100 species of birds and 400 species of animals, it’s an undisturbed, undisputed and a totally unique labyrinth of an ecosystem of itself! The flora and fauna is considered to be an international treasure and we are glad that it lays on an offbeat trail of places ! With calm activities like boating, experience a day of solitude in the Loktak! 

  1. Monoliths

Monoliths aren’t limited only to the Stonehenge – Hop on to a mysterious monolith structures that are stapled in the village of Willong Khullen. home to a stone erection very similar to Stonehenge. Some of the tallest stones are seven meters tall and one meter thick. This offbeat destination is perched on a steep slope in the hills is sure to get you some amazing landscape shots alongside the monoliths amidst the greenery and just add to the offbeat charm! 

  1. Loukoipat Ecological Park

A step closer to nature in the state of Manipur and a chunk of heaven is what describes this untouched natural blossom! A pure offbeat destination undisturbed and untouched by any commercial influence offers you lush green forest paths, boating in the calm waters of the small lake and watching the vast expanse of lotus plants which covers a third of the lake. This is the closest you’ll get to untouched nature in the entire state! 

  1. Rita Café

Bring your date or your partner for a cup of coffee to this spot in the state for an ambience of live Manipuri music ! Although you might not be familiar with the language, the music is soothing and pleasant and sure to set the mood and make your meal a bit more pleasing than normal and since it’s not exactly a commercial spot, expect this to be the offbeat stop to take a break! 

  1. Tamenglong

This offbeat destination is unrealistically and naturally blessed getaway in Manipur. It is an embodiment of perfectly placed natural elements. The hills that kiss the clouds and the greenery that charms the fresh breeze on the elevated slopes without a honk or a sound allows you to heave a sigh of peace in the best of the 7 sisters! Home to rare orchids, virgin forests, rare species of birds and animals, Tamenglong is also known as the Land of the Hornbill – a truly unique place for you and your lens!

  1. Chandel

The hub of a highly cultural side of tribal tourism- This tiny yet scenic offbeat destination in the magnificent sister state is one of the best and one of the least populated spots in the state! Offering home to more than 20 native tribes, this is a spot of a tribal plethora waiting to be explored ! The diversity of their practices, festivities and art forms alluded with sprightly music and dance just light up the area and are a perfect spot of an offbeat journey !

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