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Majuli Island Assam
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Dominating the hilly slopes of the seven sisters, Assam makes its own lore of a perfect offbeat destination with so much to offer the offbeat traveler in you! Although this state is known for its humongous tea estates that are a spectacle on their own, The festivities, the culture, the scenic plethora and the well preserved and protected flora and fauna gaping in their natural habitat are some of the mind boggling and a surprisingly pleasant sight to set your gaze upon. With that being said we give you some of the best handpicked offbeat destinations in Assam you might not want to miss.

  1. The River Islands

Being a humble home to the  world’s largest river floating island Majuli, Assam also flatters the ecosystem explorers by being home to the world’s smallest river floating island too! Umananda or the Peacock Island is the world’s smallest inhabited island right in the middle of the Brahmaputra river in Guwahati. Imagine going to a place that has 2 of the most extreme places in the world- This island exploration is surely going to make one of the best North Eastern trips you’ll ever make!  

  1. Panimur Waterfalls

The falls is formed from the Kopili river and obstructed by huge boulders, the waters  gush out with a very high velocity and form an ethereal beauty of the falls. You can actually hear the sound of the falls gushing over the rocks. The place is plain & the falls is a result of the water rapidly gushing over rocks which gives it a milky white color. The river itself has a beautiful greenish tint giving it an emerald feel to it! What makes this a truly offbeat destination is the ecosystem that is mostly uninhabited and undisturbed! 

  1. The Talatal Ghar 

We are pretty sure you most likely haven’t heard about these before and that’s pretty much what makes things too offbeat – for you to explore! Secret Tunnels of the Talatal Ghar is the largest Ahom monument in India. Witnessing some of the most prominent Mughal architecture dating back to the 1700s built by the Ahom kings, this offbeat exploration will surely interest you in its long open terrace with several annexes, an octagonal temple, cells resembling Assamese type huts. 

  1. Haflong

Named as the Halflong by the Britishers, this offbeat destination is avowed for its breathtaking  landscapes and the village of Jatinga which is known for mysterious bird suicides on the night of new moon- MIght interest you in a bit of the offbeat dark tourism vibe for a bit for sure! Ironically this place is  famous for birdwatching and cooling down in this offbeat rural trails to take a chill pill ! 

  1. Digboi 

One of the most important names in the Indian history- Digboi was the first Offbeat destination to be visited in Assam in Asia where oil drilling started in the year 1901. With an offbeat vibe that allows people to discover the tale of this place , the oil museum is a place to visit for sure and this place isn’t just about that! Get yourself some of the best handicrafts and  wax dolls and carry back a bit of offbeat souvenirs with you! 

  1. Namphake

An extremely serene and surely offbeat village is a picturesque hamlet radiating a very archaic charm! The soothing waters of the Burhi Dihing river passes through the heart of the pristine village making Namphake a serene destination for the offbeat explorer that considers this calm yet peaceful abode! With the Buddhist Monastery and the Buddhist people, immerse yourself in an experience of taking a glance at the calmness present in this offbeat village! 

  1. Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary

Termed aptly as the Amazon of the East, this is a truly offbeat destination due to the vast exploratory potential that this lush green woods carry! Immensely brimming in flora and fauna, some ultra unique animals like Chinese Pangolin, Flying Fox, Wild Pig, Sambar, Barking Deer, Gaur, Serow, Hoolock Gibbon, Slow Loris, Asian Elephant, Himalayan Black Bear, and Malayan Giant Squirrels are found here. What’s really astonishing is the fact that It is the only sanctuary in India with seven different species of wild cats. It is also home to Assamese Macaque, which is included in the red list of near-threatened species. To sum it up , an incredibly rich place With 293 species of birds, 30 species of butterflies, 47 species of reptiles, 24 species of amphibians, and more than 100 species of orchids, Dehing Patkai is definitely an underrated place you should visit! 

  1. Dibru-Saikhowa National Park

Another record setting laying in the offbeat territory is one of the 19 biodiversity hotspots in the WORLD must surely provoke you to take a trip to it. Surrounded by natural perfection; the Brahmaputra River and the hills of Arunachal Pradesh to its north bounded by the Dibru River and Patkai Hills in the south make this a natural offbeat heaven! Considered as one of the largest and probably the rarest Salix swamp forests in the entire subcontinent, it’s a love bowl for all the wildlife photographers due to the presence of rarities like the  Hoolock gibbon, capped langur, slow loris, water buffalo, tiger, elephant, Gangetic river dolphin.

  1. Paradise Lake

Utmost accurately termed as the most beautiful lake in Assam,  this place is indeed a paradise that is truly irresistible. With most of the area and the lake itself being highly unexplored, this is going on your offbeat maps as a must visit due to the calm breezes and the picturesque views and most importantly the calmness and away from the noise of urbanization is absent allowing you to have a moment of peace among offbeat trails of nature! 

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