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The land that emits nothing but peace and warmth to the mind and soul. In Spite of being a hub of tourists, this gem of a state also has regions that are tucked away for the traveller who mostly takes the path not chosen by many! Snuggled between the Himalayan Mountains, this state doesn’t have only the mountains call but also invites voyagers from all over the world to bask in tradition, peace, nature and culture. With the presence of magnificent monasteries, gleaming lakes and pristine valleys, this place is surely going to mark your offbeaten travel as a memory for a lifetime. Because that’s what the place is and what it does, and here are some of the best offbeat activities to do in Himachal Pradesh-

  1. Chat with the natives of the mountains

Chatting with the natives is one of the best offbeat activities to do in Himachal Pradesh. Rural is usually considered old and boring but in the beauties of Malana, you surely might have a change of heart and perspective. You’re bound to have a change of vibe when you indulge in a chat with the warm and friendly Himachalis that enchant you with their culture and hospitality.

  1. Waterfalls

Himachal Pradesh isn’t all about just snows…The Tirthan Valley of Himachal Pradesh is a hidden offbeat retreat that gets you feel the calmness  among the hands of the Great Himalayan National park , this astounding valley adjacent to the Tirthan River is surely a well kept secret and surely a perfect spot to spend time in the lap of nature – Sustainability and solitude! With trekking trails, waterfalls and the river itself is just an off beaten wonder to gaze at.

  1. Climatic peace

There are often very few places that you get to visit all round the year and still not be bored by them. One of them is the village of Chitkul that lays near the  Indo-Tibet border perching at the height of 3450m is the last spot you can travel without a visa in India. Studded with fruit orchards of apples and endless organic plantations, an offbeat stay here would mean the best of workcations.

  1. Fruity greenery

Wander among the apple orchards and dense yet lush green forest canopies of the Pabbar valley where you can relish these one of a kind fruits and also enjoy a ball of time while you camp in these woods with your squad either in luxury or in adventure or both! Walking and pleasing of eyes in the orchards is definitely one of the best offbeat activities to do in Himachal Pradesh.

  1. Solitude among the forest 

Thanedar is one pleasant spot that makes for the perfect place for couples with its immensely luxurious , calm and amenity filled resort and what makes it appealing is the location of the resorts in the woods letting you and your partner steal the views of eternal nature while you have comfortable moments of privacy !

  1. Sunsets

Sunsets are always beautiful but there surely is something special about those among mountains. With the warm light fading away and the cool calm breezes taking over the marshy areas , the look of it seems incredibly soothing and also picturesque. Shoja is one such place near the Serloskar lake where you get to feel this blissful nature in motion.

  1. Wildlife among the snows

With enough exploration of the snows, get into the creatures of the wild by setting your feet on the flora, fauna and wildlife that lays itself in front of you in the town of Barot where you can visit the  Himalayan Goral and also Black bears from the Himalayas in the the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary that happens to be as offbeat as it can get and surely is an underrated explorative.

  1. Fishing 

With tents that move and the river that flows to give you some of the best times with your squad or family, go fishing in the beautiful spot of Gushaini where the Tirthan river flows and camp along the waters. To make it more interesting, hike on to the National Fantastic Himalayan park that specialises in providing shelter for 30 species of animals and 300 species of birds.

  1. Photography 

This place is probably the most picturesque among all the other offbeat trails in the entirety of Himachal Pradesh . Set on the Parvati valley, this is surely going to leave you in awe. With the calmly drooling meadows forested with pine trees and a couple of cascades with little towns that add up to making up your journey special.

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