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Uttarakhand is a state that makes its name for not only its location in a quaint tranquility filled with serene scenic natural landscapes. It also features a lot of offbeat trails that interest the seasonal as well as the regular wanderer to take a step into the not so visited path and enjoy some of the surprises that are bestowed upon by this wonder of a state and wonderful travels surely need catering of equally cool stays and here are some of the best offbeat stays in Uttarakhand.

  1. The Homestead

Pack with Adventure is what this offbeat stay in Uttarakhand offers its Stayers. Set amidst the lush greenery of mountainous regions of Uttarakhand, this one has its own golf courses, a private airstrip for drone flying and a homely stay among lush green orchards. Making an ample spot for couples, this homestay is a luxurious getaway even without a destination ,this stay itself is an immersive comfort.

  1. Sukoon Homestead

Just like the name suggests, this one is indeed Sukoon- Peaceful. Perched at an altitude of 6000 feet in the Kumaon Himalayas this offbeat stay is an extremely appealing spot for all the seasons and invites every traveller who passes along. With spacious bedrooms and a large balcony that overlooks the Himalayas, the property surely gives you the needed privacy as well as comfort.

  1. Nature Drops

With a location that’s secluded, serene and peaceful, Nature drops is one of those premium luxury tents that respects your privacy and also understands the sense of luxury amenities and surely gives way for some soft adventure activity too! Simple homemade style food (hygienic and tasty) Good quality tents kept at some distance from other tents are some of the highlights of this stay.

  1. Kedar Camp Resort

Set in Gupta Kāshi, this resort is for the foodie explorer in you that thrives for a good meal even in the most offbeat of locations. This offbeat stay in Uttarakhand features accommodation with access to a garden. Guests at the tented camp can enjoy a buffet or a vegetarian breakfast. Guests can grab a bite to eat in the in-house restaurant, which specializes in Indian cuisine. An accommodating environment infused with warmth, kindness and generosity of spirit

  1. Ayar Jungle Resort

Nestled in the middle of a private forest estate, spread in an area of more than 5 acres, this beautiful Nainital resort is situated close to the famous Nainital lake with ample parking space. Perched at a height of 6800 feet, this resort in Nainital is set in the mid of Oak, Rhododendron & Deodar forest and offers beautiful views of lush green surroundings. With features like the Bridal Suite and family rooms, this one is surely a hefty one on luxury!

  1. Khalsen Homestay

A traditional Pahari house set in the wilderness of the Binsar Wildlife sanctuary will not disappoint your stay. Isolated among the oaks and pines of the lush green forests of the Binsar surely allow you to take a break and the views of the Himalayan peaks is just a cherry on the cake

  1. Gangori 

A pakka Garhwali cultured homestay and traditions coupled with the location set in the natural foothills of the Himalayas in the Uttarkashi region is a culmination of culture and sustainable stay! Experience activities like stargazing and bird watching while you enjoy the traditional delicacies. A point to be known is that this beautiful stay runs on solar power and you could totally be a contributor by utilising this at the stay!

  1. The Retreat

A classy and a minimalist offbeat stay in Uttarakhand, one of the most mesmerizing that is designed and fitted to be beautiful for the looks as well as the services and hospitality. Filled with old colonial furniture, cutlery, and knick-knacks, the house breathes the atmosphere of old style comfort and peace. Indulge in activities ranging from birdwatching to yoga and the  delicacies that are locally sourced are finger licking good.

  1. Tree of Life -Grand Oak Manor

Resting on the picturesque Kumaon Hills, this offbeat stay in Uttarakhand, is a luxury getaway amidst the mountains and aims at serving the stayers with an extremely polite and a classy old style charm. With teak wood furniture and a private balcony, the stay is kept simple and also serves as a digital detox with cancelling out the televisions so as to connect with people and nature. Surrounded by nothing but forest cover and the snow capped mountains, you won’t experience the lack of technology at all.

  1. Itmenaan Estate

Imagine a stay among a rural backdrop studded alongside virgin pine, oak and rhododendron trees; terraced fields laden with seasonal fruits and vegetables. This offbeat stay offers exactly that and more- With an emblazoning view of the Himalayas including the Nanda Devi, this stay offers you some of the best architecture to soothe your stay experience and the outdoor space where you enjoy delicacies from the traditional Kumaoni, regular North Indian, to dishes from the Western world are an experience in itself.

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