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The second largest state and known as the Heart Of India is a plethora of flora and fauna coupled with a hoard of tourism activities that include pilgrimage and monuments and architecture. With a platter of cultures and constructions that show us the times of the past, we get to feast our eyes on something that isn’t found regularly. With that being said, we give you some of the best kept secrets of offbeat Madhya Pradesh-

  1. Udaygiri Caves

A practically timeless pattern if 20 rock cut caves astonishingly makes it into one of the unexplored places of Madhya Pradesh and this place is surely worth visiting because of the sole fact that these rock caves date back to the 5th century CE and makes way for some of the oldest HIndu Temples in the country.  With an immense scope of archaeology and featuring a lively iconography of  Shaivism, Shaktism, and Vaishnavism.

  1. Temples of Panna- Beldoji Temple

It’s a delightful design combination of East and West. It would seem that a gigantic church from outside and a temple from inside and It is considered as a replica of St. Paul’s basilica in London. What is remarkable in this temple is that Everything in the sanctuary is in a numeral of sixteen. Passageway has sixteen flights of stairs. There are sixteen windows, sixteen entryways, sixteen immense columns, sixteen dombs.The top of sanctuary has 108 pinnacles made of stone and wonderfully cut, which speaks to one mala.  

  1.  Bateshwar

With architectural marvels in the form of temples that date back to the 11th century, these temples are an immense yet proud display of both  the huge devotion and skillful craftsmanship and the level of dedication they put in the times of zero technology and yet stand the wrath of time to this date. WIth the deities of Vishnu and Shiva makes it an ample spot of exploration considering the fact that they are older than the famous Khajuraho temples by at least 200-300 years

  1. Shivpuri 

 It is a lovely city encompassed by rich deciduous timberland, which is a supported storm objective because of the numerous minor cascades and lakes. This strange objective is home to the Madhav Vilas Palace, where the Scindias used to live. It is presently a prime vacation spot because of its heavenly pilgrim design, and the pink tints add to the excellence of the castle. Karera Bird Sanctuary is somewhere else of interest in Shivpuri.

  1. Burhanpur

As old s time, you would take aback to find out that this city was founded in 1400 AD and also served as the capital of the Mughal Kingdom that brings us to the influential yet eye feasty presence of mughal architecture that dons the place!The magnificent mosques, tombs and palaces give you a sense of what Mughal life at its peak was like. Burhanpur’s glorious and rich past will leave you fascinatedChosen the east of the River Tapi, Shahi Qila is a lovely fortress worked during the Farooqi Dynasty however later lived by Shah Jahan. It is privately known as Bhul Bhulaiya which signifies “labyrinth” because of its dubious and boggling engineering.

  1. Mandu and Dhar

Intersected by the verdant Vindhya mountains, this place offers an eyeful of scenic beauty to feast your eyes upon.Containing an ample amount of heritage this spot is surely one underrated explorative! Some of the notable places that carry forward the history are Rani Talab, and the Rewa Fort and as a scenic retreat you could head out for a refreshing cascades of the Keoti and Purwa waterfalls

  1. Pagara Dam

Not avidly heard by everyone but this is one scenic spot for the shutterbug in you that is ample for adventurous camping in this city of forts , traditions and history! As surprising as it can get, this place is one of the hidden gems in the states perched on the Asan River where the sunrises and sunsets are worth your time. With activities like cycling and boating indulge yourself in light activity in the offbeat setup !

  1. Patalkot

If you’re one of those persons who is tired of the explorative narrative of this state being just cultural and historical involving constructions and monuments, here is a change-This offbeat valley that rests on an elevation of 3000feet is a tribal land that gives you a sigh of nature and you probably might spot a tribal or two! With lush greenery and undisturbed peace this might just be the spot for you to take an offbeat break.

  1. Chambal sanctuary

What makes this sanctuary visit worthy on your list is the fact that in spite of having surprisingly rare and unique species of creatures, people don’t consider this fancy and that’s what exactly makes it truly offbeat. Offering located at the Chambal River close to a tripoint of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. This sanctuary is home for the critically endangered species such as red-crowned roof turtle and endangered Ganges river dolphin. Besides, Crocodile, Indian Wolf, Bengal Fox, Wild Boar, and Striped Hyena can also be found here which leaves unbelievable wildlife photography to look at these beautiful wildern beasts! 

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