Tree House

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Tree House

A great offbeat option for any nomad that aspires and looks forward to sit down with a warm and friendly neighbor from places that aren’t their home – Get to know the ever welcoming and friendly himachalis and get a taste of the handmade food from parathas to maggie and not to mention the garam chai in the gleamy sunset in the evenings is just so soothing that you would never feel like leaving the place and surely develop a truly pleasant connection ! 

  • Parking
  • Cafe / Restaurent
  • Senitization
  • Housekeeping Service
  • Garden / Lawn
  • Hot Water
  • Toilet amenities
Tree House

With an extremely peaceful environment that soothes your soul among the calmness of nature , this offbeat stay invigorates a hoard of activities that are just needed for the perfect offbeat experience. A walk in the nature , birdwatching and the signature bonfire make this stay worth a shot.

Tree House is something which add extra to this property!