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Welcome Kanha, the jungle home of Raj Singh, one of Central India’s most experienced managers of wildlife destinations. This property offers luxury home stays deep in the Mukki Range Buffer Zone. The retreat offers vistas of dense Sal jungle edged by the familiar irregularity of paddy fields and village mud architecture. Also experience the stunning views of the evergreen Sal or Sarai trees.

The host is always focused on providing the guests with an exceptional experience with our luxurious rooms, mouth watering meals and intimate encounters with the national park.

Curated Walking Safaris with local guides who have grown up around the forest will take you up close and personal with wildlife in the buffer zone. It is a unique way to appreciate the beauty of the forest and watch the teeming bird and animal life.

Rooms are tastefully decorated with each room opening out to private sit-outs that present spectacular views of the surrounding forest and even  Bamni Dadar, the highest point of Kanha National Park.

Guests can unwind in the lounge area, sit under our parachute with a pair of binoculars & watch the bird life right within the property. One can take a leisurely stroll down to the pond strewn with Lotuses and photograph Ducks, Cormorants, Kingfishers, Pond Heron, Greater & Cattle Egret, Asian Openbill, Purple Heron, Ibises, Red and Yellow Wattled Lapwings.

Property serves you the excellent food with an emphasis on organic & local sourcing. In fact most of the vegetables and herbs are being grown organically on our grounds.


A premium villa in the buffer zone of Kanha National Park, wouldn’t that be amazing? Right in the middle of wilderness, but don’t worry we got you all covered when it comes to your security. Jungle safaris from this point will take you to explore the wildlife of the state of Madhya Pradesh.

The well equipped villa consists of 2 double rooms and a suite room, accommodating 8 people in total and space for extra person too. Villa also offers mouth watering food and snacks included in cost itself. Travelers can also have access to private sitting outside every room to hear the chirping of birds within the boundaries of the villa.

An amazingly inexplicable experience awaits you in the heart of Incredible India. Enjoy it all with complete luxury and be in your comfort zone even if you are in the middle of a national park.



Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.

Imagine; waking up in sumptuous comfort within the lap of nature; looking out of the window and seeing only untamed green wilderness; seeing not a stunted concrete skyline, but lush treetops alive with birdsong; finding animals of the jungle roaming free in their natural habitat, just a few hundred meters from you. Imagine a world where nature and luxury cohabit, coexist and flourish.

Yes the property is offering all of it in one place with all comfort you are looking for. Right from Jungle Safari to Stargazing, this property is offering it all.


The property is created with passion on 10 acres of land near the Kothar village 6km from Bera Town. The small but boutique property offers Five charming, spacious, and elegantly decorated cottages with private sit-outs. The location of the property is such that often leopards are seen from cottage windows. These cottages have been designed with big windows with plenty of natural light so that the guests can enjoy the flora and fauna of Rajasthan without compromising on space and luxury. The view from the hill within the lodge premises is awesome, 360 degrees to observe nature at its pristine glory. About 30 bird species easily to be observed at the property, a hundred more at Jawai Dam, 10 minutes drive north.

The property is an adventurer’s retreat snuggled in Aravalli ranges that offers a tranquil and beautiful backdrop to stay in this one of the country’s most popular leopard getaway destinations. Leopards are elusive, shy and well camouflaged & know human habits well enough to remain like a ghost in the darkness. To find them, you need one of the best leopard trackers in the region, and guess what? we got it covered for you.


The staff is trained to be available when you need, but leave you to bask in the surrounding natural beauty without intrusion. With minimal internet connectivity at Camps, we encourage you to reconnect with the natural rhythms of nature. (If you do get the itch to check your Instagram and emails, you can connect to the outside world in the office area!) Featuring a changing seasonal menu, the kitchen follows slow food practices by preparing freshly cooked meals daily that emphasize local ingredients and flavors.

You will find yourself waking naturally with the gentle light of sunrise, energized by the joyful chirping of birds. As evening sets in, sink into the feeling of deep peace as flocks of birds retreat to their nests for the night, and the stars take over the vast canvas of the sky.


Designed for complete privacy, stone cabins offer panoramic views and outdoor patios to make you feel like you are living in nature’s lap.

The property is designed to allow you to soak in natural beauty with minimum distraction and maximum comfort. Spread out across 6+ acres of private land, you will find yourself immersed in the rejuvenating power of nature at every turn. All of the rooms, buildings and structures pull from surrounding natural elements and resources to blend seamlessly with the environment, creating a peaceful and soothing sanctuary of rustic luxury.

Focusing on local resources like fresh produce and employing locals in the area, allows the hosts to reduce their carbon footprint and support local employment and business opportunities.