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Offbeat stays is a humble yet an Adventurous segment that we have been working so as to bring you a bit closer to nature and introduce you to the offbeat experience, by focusing on certain aspects.

Offbeat stays is for all your experiential stay in a homely feel alongside nature- Be it a rejuvenating workcation , or a leisure trip with your family to spend some quality time or maybe a digital detox amongst the mountains and beaches- Offbeat stays got your back.

While there are so many places to visit, we realized that there is no better way to discover new and unexplored ones so here we come in with OFFBEATSTAYS!

We strongly have our voices on the #VocalForLocal and hence we make an effort to connect your pleasant and an enjoyable stay with homely properties that are owned by generations of families and are family run properties, thereby provide them also with a social platform and make sure they have a voice and simultaneously provide a handcrafted, perfected and an exclusive experience for the “Stayers”

With destinations not spoken much, and with roads not taken that often, we aim to give you an experience that is not the usual one- We are with you to facilitate, provide and let you on a wild exploratory voyage into the wilderness, snows, the dense forests , the lofty hills and what not! Hop on for something which is truly Offbeat and off the maps!

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