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Arunachal Pradesh
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The Land of Dawn lit mountains, is a place where the mountains are home! As much as the serenity strikes the snowy freckles, the sunshine on the mountains enlightens a humongous radiance among the natural cascades and the air is filled with awe and you simply can’t resist yourself from gazing into the abyss of the intoxicating beauty of the mighty, blissful and yet ever dainty Arunachal!  With indescribable beauty but surely listable offbeat places in this extravaganza of a place, we give you some of the best offbeat destination in Arunachal Pradesh!

  1. Dirang

One such offbeat destination in Arunachal Pradesh that allows you to rediscover yourself and push you off the edge at the same time! With an intent of adventure coupled with the rural absence of pollution and technological noise, you surely are bound to take a breath of calmness in this valley! With spectacular landscapes and an even more pleasant weather is sure to soothe your soul and being amidst scenic hills with roaring rivers and lush greenery just adds to the charm! 

  1. Tenga valley 

As enchanting as it can get, this offbeat destination in Arunachal Pradesh is a silent valley wholesome package of Landscapes, orchids, waterfalls  and kiwis ! An astounding amount of diversity of orchids can be found in this region and The area adjacent the Tenga river is a sloppy valley with a rustic retro charm to spend your day at! Mornings and evenings are equally mesmerizing when you’re among the clasp of nature! 

  1. Dambuk

Your offbeat adventure starts way before the destination- the journey itself is an adventure in itself! Tread down the rugged roads and we are sure that the view is totally worth it! With as undisturbed a place as this, it is nature at its best and the view is just surreal and one of the finest views of lush greenery and the mountainous slopes you’ll ever get to view in the entirety of Arunachal! 

  1. Anini

This town is as poetic as it can get- it literally looks as if the clouds have descended down to kiss the land! Most of the beauty of this serene town floating amidst the misty air, this offbeat destination in Arunachal Pradesh is a place for anyone in search of pristine calmness. While in Anini, one may want to visit the tribal villages here and experience their subtle heritage and colorful cultures.

  1. Dong

A teeny tiny offbeat nook in the state of Arunachali hamlet sandwiched between China and Myanmar is the perfect display of unspoiled and undisturbed natural beauty that enthralls the visuals of nature! Be the first to experience the rays of sun on your from this easternmost village and take a walk along the river Lohit that makes up for all the natural calmness you need ! 

  1. Mayodia Pass

For the snowy aspirer in you , this offbeat snow trail is perched at an astounding altitude of 2655 metres! With crystal clear skies and the snows that drizzle like diamonds in the sky and the mountains around, you just can’t help but experience a heavenly vibe among the Arunachali mountains! This is the offbeat beauty- with the right amount of adventure for an even higher exploration awarding  you with breathtaking glimpses of nature! 

  1. Ziro Valley

Concealed in the mesmerizing mountain-scape of Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro Valley is an enchanting offbeat destination in North East India which charges everybody with its natural charm coupled with rambling rice fields, interesting towns and moving green slopes hidden under thick layers of lively greenery. While the serenity of this enchanting little town makes it a spirit searchers heaven, its epitomic picturesque excellence likewise tempts multitudinous nature sweethearts and photographic artists who extraordinarily travel here from all over to absorb their spirits the spot’s ethereal common magnificence. 

  1. Roing

Scattered clouds and a dreamy landscape so surreal that you fall in love with the snow peaked mountain views and the calmly flowing cascades and placid lakes along with tidbits of history scattered along make this an offbeat untouched and an unexplored destination one of the most pristine spots of tranquility! Clasped adjacent to the Dibang river, this place is a treasure for trekkers and history buffs alike! 

  1. Pasighat 

A literal gateway of heaven- Also called as the “Gateway to Arunachal”, this quaint town lies along the Siang river valleys and the mighty Himalayas. With brimming waters and a hoard of culture and tradition dominating the place make it a platter of offbeat experiences to be felt .With numerous activities to take a chunk of , try to get a rush of adrenaline by rafting, fishing, angling, boating, wildlife safari, nature photography as well as trekking in this truly offbeat Arunachali enchant!

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