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We at Offbeat stays take a stand for connecting you to the ones in your own locality, place and the country because we believe in supporting our local businesses and hence would be one of your best chances at giving you a potential platform for travellers to approach your valuable stay. 


We at  Offbeat Stays make sure the availability of a platform where the guest makes bookings according to your price, your terms and conditions, and your dates- We make sure the Stayers book your room as per Your atmosphere


At Offbeat stays, you get to have the privilege to put your home in front of a global network of travellers. Whether a luxury home, a tent, a cottage or any other unique Offbeat stay is a welcome at Offbeat Stays. We make sure you are visible to any kind of a traveller and a Stayer


We make sure to list your property with eye catchy property description and attractive photos and surely aim to maximise the probability of a Stayer choosing your beautiful Offbeat stay !


We are always- As a support in any case of a problem , a dedicated support team would be available to make you list your stay and make it a secure and everything runs smoothly 

How To Become a Host

1. List Your Place

Let us know what makes your homestay unique, Post some picture perfect shots of the stay, and set the right price so that travellers can take a good look at your stay.

Your rates, your dates- You are in control


We at Offbeat Stays will connect you with travellers from home and abroad and put your Offbeat Stay in front of a global network of travellers looking for the perfect match.


We will help you earn,a part of it goes to us and send the best price of your Offbeat stay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to list my place on Offbeat Stays?

Head to and select the ‘BECOME A HOST’ option in the top right corner of the homepage. You’ll be directed to a form prompting you to fill in the most general criteria of your place. Take note that you can only complete this first form after creating an account, so it may be more efficient to sign up (or log in) before you begin. If you have not yet signed up or logged in, you’ll be prompted to input your information at this point.

How the payments works?

You list out your property on our Offbeat Stays that are featured to travellers that visit the site, they book them on our platform  with the rates specified by you and we take a part of it as a service charge and the rest is safely deposited to you.

Payments are done either through Digital mode or Direct Bank Transfers, a day before checkIn. 

How to upgrade my place to featured?

Any exclusivities including the amenities provided, shall be featured in the form of photos and videos to get more and more exposure among the other Offbeat Stays.

Who to become an host?

If you are a property owner who is eligible and willing to rent out your property for the proper use of a homestay, a luxury home or any other Offbeat Stay, you may join us.

How to get in touch with my guests?

Once a stayer likes your Offbeat Stay, he/she shall proceed on with the reservation processes involving Booking, Calendars and Price. A centralized and intuitive platform for listing optimization, guest & staff communication, channel management is made available so that there is a proper communication before offering your stay.

How to cancel a revervation?

Each and every stay booking has a duration of cancellation policy which we encourage you to read before proceeding on to confirming the Stay. Before making the payment you are requested to check the cancellation policy regarding the possible duration of a cancellation.

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